Protecting your business and all its intrinsic valuables has never been easier or more convenient than with TELUS Security. A wide range of options are available to meet your specific security needs for:

  • Security alarm systems
  • Video surveillance cameras
  • Access control systems

Security Alarm Systems

The potential for mishaps, misfortune, and criminal activity is always looming which can result in damage or loss of your valuable assets and data. TELUS Security Systems help protect your property from:

  • Intrusion
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Burst pipes

Intrusion Alarms

Motion sensors and video surveillance cameras are extremely effective in protecting against intruders. Alarms can be set to activate and send instant notifications when potential intruders are attempting to gain unauthorized access to your property. Even just displaying the TELUS Security sticker in a front window is often enough to deter many possible trespassers, but if the visual warning doesn’t do the trick, the auditory alarm is likely to get the job done.

Fire Monitoring

TELUS  heat and smoke detectors are very helpful in safeguarding your business and employees against the risk of fire. Advanced technology is used to send an instant alert to the monitoring centre for an immediate investigation to get the problem resolved quickly, even if you are not present.

Flood Protection

Flood damage can be disastrous if the issue is not addressed in a timely fashion. TELUS  monitoring centre will receive a flood detector alert if there are rising water levels in your place of business. Early detection is crucial to minimize the destruction a flood can potentially cause to your property.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Breathing in high volumes can be fatal within minutes as the carbon monoxide replaces the oxygen your blood. TELUS CO detection technology will provide instant notifications when CO levels become high and dangerous.

Temperature Fluctuation Protection

When the temperature drops quickly, there is the potential for frozen pipes which can burst and cause damage and the need for costly repairs. Temperature fluctuation protection helps prevent problems before they start by monitoring for excessive rises or falls in temperature in strategic areas.

Video Surveillance Cameras

TELUS  Video Monitoring Systems can offer excellent protection for both Home Security and Business Security. TELUS provides customizable security surveillance solutions to meet your preferences and requirements. Video monitoring delivers dual-purpose security by acting as a deterrent for potential criminals who know they are being watched and recorded. Video footage can also be used as evidence in the case of criminal activity for a favourable resolution in court and the recovery of losses.

Some TELUS Video Surveillance options to choose from include:

  • NVR systems
  • Digital & IP Cameras
  • Mobile Surveillance

NVR Systems

Network Video Recorder systems use the local area network to send and receive data to effectively monitor your property. They can be remotely accessed from the device of your choosing for optimal convenience.

Digital & IP Cameras

These camera systems display in HD resolution and all recordings can be accessed from the cloud. Optical zoom features provide a more detailed vision of environmental surroundings.

Mobile Surveillance

A mobile security app is available for download to your smartphone or tablet. You can easily view all of your cameras and devices remotely to maintain video surveillance from any location. It provides the ability to take snapshots and make recordings directly from your mobile device.

Access Control Systems

The ability to allow selective restricted access to certain areas for specified individuals is beneficial and even necessary for some businesses. Access control can play a fundamental role in securing your physical assets and sensitive data in the workplace. 

Some of the features of TELUS Access Control include:

  • Door Entry Control – Regulate and manage who enters and leaves the premises
  • Network Door Station Controllers – monitor and limit the capacity of your establishment
  • Card Readers – only people with an authorized card, can gain access to a certain area

For more information about TELUS Business Security, contact our Sales Specialist.