Business management tools are becoming more widely used all the time as business owners continually explore ways to improve productivity, organization, and security to gain an edge over the competition and protect sensitive data and valuable assets.

What can TELUS Fleet Complete do for your business?

If you have multiple vehicles or other important assets to keep secure, TELUS Fleet Complete uses GPS tracking to monitor those assets to keep them safe and working in top order. This comprehensive platform allows you to easily and efficiently keep track of all your work vehicles and how they are performing.

Ease and Convenience

Additionally, the system also works to electronically log employee hours for ease and convenience. Fleet managers can monitor driving behaviours and vehicle status to eliminate bad habits and excessive expenses. Poor driving habits like speeding, extra idling, and rapid acceleration are hard on vehicles and massive fuel wasters.

Customer Relations

TELUS Fleet Complete will allow dispatchers to map out the most efficient route, taking into consideration any construction or other obstacles that may contribute to slower progress, late deliveries, and missed deadlines. Providing accurate delivery estimates helps to improve customer satisfaction, and drivers can even provide real-time updates if problems occur.

TELUS Fleet Complete Features and Services

The TELUS Fleet Complete package comes equipped with a variety of exceptional features that can provide tremendous benefits to your daily asset management practices.

  • Fleet Tracker
  • HoS Tracker
  • Intact Insurance Solution
  • Asset Tracker

TELUS Fleet Tracker

This feature is extremely useful for any business that has multiple vehicles to monitor and maintain. The system provides a real-time location for all of your vehicles as well as performance data like the speed and direction they are travelling. The GPS tracker offers excellent insight into how vehicles are being handled to prevent misuse,  exorbitant fuel expenses and dangerous driving.

The fleet tracker also provides updates and notifications when routine maintenance is required to avoid costly repairs and replacements.

TELUS HoS Tracker

In addition to monitoring your vehicles and assets, you can also monitor employee activity through TELUS Fleet Complete. Automatic logging of driver hours helps maintain consistency and prevent work-hour disputes. It also helps prevent inefficient route selection and employees taking extended breaks or attending to personal matters on company time.

Intact Insurance Solution

Vehicles with TELUS GPS tracking installed are eligible to participate in the Intact Insurance Solution. This program rewards good driving behaviours with reduced insurance rates. The focus is on avoiding expensive and dangerous driving habits like speeding, rapid acceleration, and abrupt braking.

Asset Tracker

Similar to the Fleet Tracker, the Asset Tracker also keeps track of your valuables in real-time. This feature is great for monitoring construction equipment, heavy machinery, and even temporary office trailers to ensure they are kept safe.

It also works well for shipping cargo that you want to monitor. Whatever asset you want to keep track of, the process is fairly simple. Just affix the GPS tracking device to your asset, and you can receive notification alerts for unauthorized activity. The long-lasting battery-powered devices can last for three years on a single charge.

Business Benefits of TELUS Fleet Complete

There are an abundance of advantages to using TELUS Fleet Complete to help manage your business operations. A few of the most impressive benefits are:

  • Enhanced security
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduced operational expenses

Enhanced Security

Prevent loss and theft with TELUS Fleet Complete. Real-time GPS tracking allows you to know exactly where all your vehicles and assets are at all times. It also encourages safer driving habits to reduce accidents, injury, and hefty repair bills.

Improved Customer Service

More efficient communication makes it easier for dispatch, drivers, and customers to stay on the same page. Providing precise information about deliveries and onsite job work creates reasonable expectations and helps reduce complications and unpleasant surprises.

Reduced Operational Expenses

Perhaps the greatest benefit is the reduction in daily costs by eliminating unnecessary expenses. Streamlining communications, practicing safe and responsible driving behaviours, and performing essential routine maintenance on vehicles all contribute to increased profits.

To know more about TELUS Fleet Complete for business, contact Maximum Mobility sales specialist.