TELUS is offering an employee discount program to cut down your expenditure on wireless phones and monthly plans through its Exclusive Partner Program (EPP). 

In this program, employees can leverage the continuing deals and promotions on the newest  TELUS phones, internet, home security, TV and more. TELUS EPP is also advantageous to employees and their families. This program is worthwhile because the discounts cover services and items that the average consumer typically pays for. 

What does it take to join TELUS Exclusive Partner Program?

This program allows employees from, but is not limited to, the following businesses and organizations:

  • Government organizations
  • Unions
  • Associations
  • Banks
  • Corporations
  • Realtors

This provides an overview of the types of companies that may be eligible, but there are many more, making it an extensive list. Contact your Maximum Mobility account manager or visit the website to discover more about eligibility for your specific business.

Is your Company a TELUS EPP member?

You might not be aware of it, but the company you work for may already be an exclusive partner with TELUS. Benefits provided by the EPP program occasionally get missed by companies and other large businesses. 

It can be a terrific opportunity to obtain that new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone you’ve been eyeing for lower initial cost and monthly costs, as long as you are eligible for discounts, promotions, and savings offered with membership.

Employee Costs Savings with TELUS EPP

The program also includes special deals for the employees and their families. Discounted Unlimited data plan pricing is offered as part of EPP. Family members of the employees can benefit from this discount program as they also meet the eligibility criteria.

How will employers benefit from TELUS Exclusive Partner Program, EPP? 

Employers are always interested in providing their employees with special perks. This program enables companies to help lower the cost of the monthly bills for wireless, internet, home security and TV services. 

Companies that allow personal devices for business can also save with a lower wireless cost.  

Special discounts on phones, and mobile plans that your team is already using will cut operating costs and increase the profit. Furthermore, employees that are offered benefits by their employer are motivated and have high morale to increase their productivity.

What are the gains of joining the TELUS Exclusive Partner Program?

TELUS EPP members stand to earn several benefits that can increase productivity and efficiency while lowering operating expenses. Among the advantages of EPP are:

  • Latest TELUS phones deals 
  • Bring-it Back opportunities
  • Anytime access
  • Reliable customer service
  • Special monthly plans

Promotions on TELUS Phones

On a variety of mobile devices, including the recently announced iPhone 14 series, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4, and Google Pixel 7 series smartphones, TELUS EPP provides exclusive discounts and offers within the program. You and your family can benefit from discounts and special offers on the devices and the recurring monthly plans. 

Bring-it Back Opportunities

To maximize the savings, the EPP program and the TELUS Bring-it-Back program can be combined. With the Bring-it- Back program, you may easily and affordably update your current smartphone. Take advantage of the program to replace your current cell phone and receive the latest phone of your choice with $0 upfront costs on TELUS Easy Payment and lower monthly costs. 

Universal Access

The EPP experience is easy and convenient thanks to ongoing deals and a user-friendly online ordering platform. Online purchases can be picked up at Maximum Mobility stores near you or delivered right to your door.

Customer Service Reliability

Maximum Mobility TELUS customer service experts will handle any problems with your account or inquiries you might have in a timely and effective manner.

Monthly Discounts

One of the most significant advantages is the ongoing savings that EPP members enjoy on a monthly basis. Employees can all benefit from lower monthly expenses, which are always appreciated.

Contact the Maximum Mobility Account Manager to know if you are eligible for TELUS EPP, Exclusive Partner Program.