TELUS Mobile Internet

Internet that goes where you go

Get excited because now you can connect anytime – anywhere – with high-speed TELUS Mobile Internet.
And best of all, our smart hub supports up to 20 devices.
Get the mobile internet plan right you.

Work Anywhere

Simple and easy internet installation, whether it be for your office or a temporary location.
Did you know that setting up a temporary or satellite office is now easier with our mobile data solutions? No more pulling wires. No more sweat.

Be Faster

Get ready for unlimited Fast LTE and 5G speed internet access from almost anywhere, even the most remote locations.
Whether you need speedy internet for cloud computing, data streaming, audio and video calls, TELUS mobile internet is equipped to handle all your needs.

Be Collaborative

No matter where all the members of your team are located, it’s easier than ever to get everyone connected to do the work.
Get all members of your team to have the information access they need to complete daily tasks and projects.

Be Flexible

Our mobile internet lets you choose the device you want to use, not just smartphones.
You can freely access the internet on a multitude of devices including your Smartphone, Smart TV, Tablet, Car, Kiosk and IoT devices.

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