TELUS SmartHome

Device Catalogue

HD Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Keep an eye on your home 24/7. Our HD weather-proof camera captures live and recorded video to let you know when anyone or anything arrives at your home.

HD Wireless Indoor Security Camera

Utilizing sharp and real-time HD video, you can constantly monitor the inside of your premises. Enjoy the bonus features of infrared night vision and unbeatable cloud recording.

Smart Thermostat

Combine comfort and savings by using our most advanced thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature of your property at all times, even remotely.

Window & Door Sensor

Designed by ADT technology, you will always know the status of all your doors and windows.

Motion Sensor

Simple to install, our motion detection system detects all movement and even temperature.

Slimline Doorbell Camera

See and speak with whoever is at your door – even when not at home.

Smart Plug - Lamp

Connect to any lamp for full control – allows you to schedule when the controlled lighting brightens or dims.

Smart Lock

No matter where you are, you have the master key to lock and unlock all the doors on your property. Our intelligent locking system also allows you to create a security code to allow home access to visitors, appointments, or deliveries.

Smart Light Bulb

Watch your power bill plummet once you install our energy-efficient and long-lasting LED bulbs. Bundle alert: You can also pair our bulbs with the Smart Plug Lamp mentioned above.

Main Security Control Panel

Access each and every feature of your security system.

4-Button Keyring Remote

Arm and disarm your system anytime and from anywhere.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Open or close your garage with our convenient remote.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Protect your property and those inside from carbon monoxide exposure. We have the most advanced detector on the market that continuously monitors the level of carbon monoxide, ensuring the safety of all occupants 24/7.

Secondary Security Control Panel

Rest assured with further accessibility to your security system throughout the premises to check on alarms, contact emergency services and more.

Glass Break Sensor

Get notified when a glass door or window on your property is broken. With our system, you can take immediate action, preventing further damages and expenses.

Flood Sensor

Be instantly alerted of the presence of any amount of water, allowing you to act fast and alleviate further damage to your property.

Smoke & Heat Detector

We’re not messing around when it comes to your safety. At the first sign of any smoke, you will be alerted.

Smart Plug - Appliance

Manage all your appliances with our user-friendly app or a keypad.