Optik TV

Experience all there is to offer in 4K entertainment

More selection for you than ever before

Experience exceptional audio and video quality with an extensive selection of your shows, streaming channels and on-demand movies.

Viewing freedom

You are in complete control of all your options and you can change the programming and streaming channel at any time.

More bang for your buck

Do you want to add a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime to your current television package? Great news, you can do this with your current package.

Ultimate viewing pleasure

Get ready to immerse yourself fully in extraordinary 4K HDR entertainment.

Never miss your essentials

You won’t miss out with our massive selection of content and streaming apps.


4K video and audio recording

Now, you can record up to five shows in HD from anywhere in your house at the same time with only one PVR.

  • Store up to 100 hours in 4k or 400 hours in HD
  • Access to a variety of apps, including TED, Netflix, and Stingray Music
  • 24/7 HDR customer support

Wireless digital boxes

No more messy cords and wires required. Just sit back and enjoy.

4K Wireless Digital Box

Experience all your favourite programming in 4K.

HD Wireless Digital Box

Indulge in your favourite content, now all in HD.

Try before you buy with our 30-day free trial.

  • One free PVR rental.
  • Features one wireless digital box rental for a 4K experience on a second television.
  • Convenient installation process.

  • Free installation for your phone jacks and TV outlets.

All your favourite streaming apps are right at your fingertips

All the apps you need for the ultimate home viewing experience

  • Access all your streaming apps whether you are at home or away.
  • Customizable music options.
  • You decide what to watch or listen to and when.

Optik TV apps available on your TV

Optik TV apps available on your mobile device