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PureFibre – Internet with a difference


Get internet that’s only for you, with TELUS PureFibre Internet. The fibre optic cable connects directly to your home.

Other providers

The fibre cable supplied by other internet providers ends before it reaches your home, splitting and sharing the connection with the neighbours. That means more than one house competing for one connection and bandwidth.

It’s better to be on your own

When you share internet, those peak hours mean slower speeds. It makes a difference when the neighbours are streaming shows, gaming and scrolling their feeds at the same time as you.

That’s because neighbourhoods share internet cables and connections, added to download and upload speeds. Get your own direct, fast internet so you don’t have to wonder about who else is online at the same time as you.

Speed matters

Here’s what you need to know about download speed, which is how you receive data. It’s for:
Website browsing
Music streaming
Video streaming
Sending data is where upload speed matters. It’s for:
Video conferencing
Sending large files (like photos)
Online video gaming

Upload and download speeds matter

Your typical internet service provider will give you a lower upload speed than download speed, which is called an “asymmetrical” plan. Not PureFibre. The plans are “symmetrical,” meaning upload and download speeds are the same. Only TELUS will run a direct 100% fibre optic connection to your home alone.

The options are open with TELUS

You choose your speed

PureFibre gives eligible homes a symmetrical speed plan up to 2500 Mbps. Everyone’s needs are different. With any plan, you get an internet connection that’s always reliable. Don’t worry about peak hours anymore, when the neighbours are also video calling, streaming, and gaming. Get the speed you want, reserved only for you.

Get Optik TV and Netflix

TELUS PureFibre lets you stream with a speed consistently ranked by the Netflix ISP Speed Index in the #1 Tier since January 2021.

Consistent connection everywhere

Get an even signal throughout your house with our next-gen Wi-Fi hardware, a router with tri-band technology. Every room and every device will get a strong, consistent connection. If you need more coverage with customized installation and support, then Wi-Fi Plus is an option.

It’s time to experience PureFibre Internet

Now that you know how internet should be, sign up for PureFibre Gigabit Internet. This fast, reliable connection provided by 100% fibre direct to your home.