With the emergence of on-demand entertainment and remote schooling, many of us have realized that the iPad has the capabilities to make our academic and personal lives easier and more fun. But, what about for our business purposes? Can this Apple tablet device provide the same benefits for us?

Today, we will show you how an Apple iPad can benefit personal and TELUS EPP customers and, business people and entrepreneurs using the appropriate accessories and applications.

Must-Own Accessories for a Business iPad

When you want to put your Apple tablet in your business arsenal, then you should know the right iPad accessories to buy. Below are some accessories you might consider if you want to boost business efficiency and tackle multiple professional duties while you are on the go.

Apple Smart Folio Keyboard

If you are serious about making your iPad a business tool, then you should invest in an Apple Smart Folio Keyboard. This tablet accessory will allow you to type directly into your Apple device without the need for integration. It also does not need charging, so you can simply use it once the keyboard case is attached.

Apple Smart Folio Case

This one is a simplified version of the TELUS Apple Smart Folio Keyboard. Despite its simple design and lightweight form, this Apple accessory will give your iPad a decent level of protection. Moreover, it comes in a wide range of colours to suit your needs and taste.

Apple Pencil

This stylus device is another important iPad gadget to get, especially if you draw a lot in your work. With this one, you can get a traditional pen sensation while making illustrations and sketches on your iPad. You can also make different brush effects when you tilt the Apple Pen. Even if you rarely draw, the gesture functionalities still make this gadget a great buy.

POS System for Small Business

A POS System is a must-have iPad gadget if you run a retail or a restaurant business. You will be able to easily keep track of transactions and see how well your business performs over time. Some POS Systems can also be integrated with other services to optimize their use and make it easier for you to keep things in check.

Must-Have Commercial Applications for an iPad

Another advantage of using an iPad as a business tool is that it comes with a lot of applications to help you improve work efficiency. So, if you want to make the most of your iPad, here are some of the most popular apps to make the device more versatile and comfortable to wear.

Microsoft Office Mobile

It is Microsoft’s mobile version of its Office Suite that allows users to create and edit documents and collaborate on them together.


Microsoft also makes it possible for users to easily store and share files using this mobile-friendly cloud storage service.


With Slack, you can communicate effectively and do virtual meetings with other team members through different messaging channels.


Trello makes it easy for managers and business owners to assign tasks to staff members and monitor how the projects go.


If you still exchange business cards with your partners, then you should install CardCam to make it easy for you to keep a record of them.


DocuSign is another essential iPad application because it allows you to digitally sign documents. It also makes it easy for you to ask for autographs from others.

The Takeaway

An iPad tablet can be a beneficial tool for your business as it can be a compact, portable, and very versatile device that allows you to tackle a wide range of jobs and projects. It only needs a little getting used to and with only several apps and gadgets, you can turn it into an ultimate productivity hub.

Whatever the iPad’s technical merits and shortcomings, an iPad offers flexibility and perks that you may never find on many other traditional computers. Now that you know how you can set up the iPad to boost your productivity, you will probably fall in love with the device immediately, just like many other entrepreneurs. For more information on TELUS Apple iPad, contact our sales specialist.